Unupak Who?

Our company provides reliable, clean, and healthy bakery products and food to our customers; human health, life and the environment is important knows.

Food Safety

To follow food safety at all stages from raw material to final product stage it is our most important duty on behalf of our valued customers.

Understanding Of Hygiene

We keep food safety at the highest level while producing quality and true desserts in hygienic conditions and conditions with our staff who do their job fondly, share their knowledge and are conscious of efficient work.


Our product range includes special cakes, cookies, fresh cakes, cakes, pastries, sherbet desserts, milk desserts, burritos and enjoyable breakfasts that you can experience for special occasions.

Our Vision

Healthy, delicious and high-quality products with a mind to making a delicious menu with healthy products that satisfies your taste and prepared in hygienic environment in compliance with standards, our company is modern and forward-looking innovations in the industry, which does work as an organization to maximize customer satisfaction and our quality bakery products using the latest technology to transfer to new generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is the production of reliable clean, halal food, healthy and hygiene rules, bakery products and food to our customers. Reaching the world standards and quality and ensuring that our products are consumed by being liked, but representing our products in the best way is to have a serious say in the bakery industry in and around the region we are in.